We work closely with your Architect and Contractor. Here are some of the tools we use to ensure that everyone is on the same page:

  • Communicate with architect, general contractor and client via plans, elevations, detail drawings and documents.
  • Communicate with design team throughout the building process during all bidding and construction phases.
  • Attend construction meetings as needed and as requested by client.
  • Provide drawings, specifications, details and relevant information in a timely manner to contractor and sub contractors on the project.
  • Oversee quality and implementation of all design details provided by our office.
  • Visit construction site on a regular basis as requested by client, architect or contractor.
  • Oversee cabinetmakers, tile installers, electricians, stonemasons and artisans to ensure correct implementation of all custom interior design work.
  • The architect, engineer or client is responsible for all permits and structural drawings.